Jimmy Fallon says sorry for ‘toxic’ workplace culture at Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon says sorry for ‘toxic’ workplace culture at Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show on NBC, has said sorry to his staff after a report by Rolling Stone magazine exposed claims of a ‘toxicwork environment at the popular late-night show.

The magazine interviewed 16 current and former employees of the show who said that they felt ‘humiliated and scared’ by Fallon’s ‘unstable’ behavior and ‘tantrums’. They also said that they struggled with their mental health and that their grievances to human resources were dismissed.

Some of the staff revealed to Rolling Stone that the guests’ dressing rooms were called ‘crying rooms‘ because of the anxiety and pressure they experienced working for the show. They also said that Fallon’s mood would change depending on whether he was having a ‘good Jimmy day‘ or a ‘bad Jimmy day‘.

Jimmy Fallon, who has been hosting The Tonight Show since 2014, allegedly spoke to his staff in a meeting on Thursday and said: ‘I’m ashamed and I feel so bad. Sorry if I humiliated you and your family and friends.‘ He also said that he was ‘trying to fix it’ and that he wanted to make the show a better place’.

However, not all of the show’s employees agreed with the accusations. Some of them praised Fallon and said that he was ‘a very, very positive guy‘ who would compliment them for their work. They also said that they had never heard of ‘crying rooms’ and that they were happy to work for the show.

NBC, which broadcasts the Tonight Show, said in a statement that it was ‘extremely proud’ of the show and that ensuring a respectful working environment was a top priority. It also said that it had looked into any issues raised by employees and taken action where appropriate.

The Tonight Show is one of the most popular late-night shows in the US, attracting millions of viewers every night. It features celebrity guests, comedy sketches, musical performances, and games. Fallon, who is also a comedian and actor, is known for his impersonations, impressions, and musical parodies.

The show has had nine different showrunners – top-level TV producers – since Fallon took over as host from Jay Leno in 2014. The show’s ratings have dropped in recent years, partly due to competition from other late-night shows such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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