Taylor Swift To Perform All Her Albums In Toronto and Canada on Eras Tour

Taylor Swift To Perform All Her Albums In Toronto and Canada on Eras Tour


Taylor Swift Announces Eras Tour for Toronto and Canada

Taylor Swift fans in Toronto and Canada will be thrilled because the pop star will sing all her songs from her first album to her new one, Red (Taylor’s Version), on her Eras Tour.

Swift Reveals her Plan to Sing all her Albums on Tour

The Eras Tour is a big tour that will celebrate all of Swift’s songs, from 10 albums and more than 150 songs. Swift shared the tour with her fans on social media, saying that she wanted to make a special show for them.

I always wanted to sing every album I made from the first song to the last song. And I decided to do it now,” she wrote. “This will be the most songs I ever sang on tour, and I am excited to see you all.”

Eras Tour Dates and Locations for Canada

The Eras Tour will begin in Europe in June 2023 and will come to North America in August 2023. Swift will sing four shows in Canada, starting with Vancouver on August 4, then Edmonton on August 7, Montreal on August 11, and Toronto on August 14. She will come back to Toronto for another show on July 13, 2024, for the second part of the tour.

How to get Tickets for the Eras Tour

Tickets for the Eras Tour will be available on November 13, 2023, which is also the same day as Swift’s first album came out 15 years ago. Fans who want to get their tickets early can sign up for the Verified Fan program on Ticketmaster, which will let them buy tickets before others on November 6. The Verified Fan program is made to stop bots and scalpers from buying tickets and selling them for more money.

Why the Eras Tour is a Must-See Event for Swift Fans

The Eras Tour will be one of the biggest and most exciting tours of 2023 and 2024, because Swift has many fans who love her music from different ages and styles. Swift has won 11 Grammy Awards, sold over 200 million records around the world, and is one of the best artists ever.